Ben Benson - A Great Police Procedural Author

Anyone who has been "on the job" will appreciate the authenticity of Ben Benson and his characters: Trooper Ralph Lindsay and Detective Inspector Wade Paris.


David Lalonde

9/11/20231 min read

I was driving around, on patrol, around 35 years ago as a young constable, thinking about how interesting my job was. My experiences were far from those typically related in police fiction, where city cops chased thrill after thrill. I started considering writing a novel with a young rural police officer; not because I wanted to be an author - I didn't - I wanted to be a cop. Nonetheless, I thought that the stories of myself and my colleagues were worth relating. Then, I remembered a book in our library at home when I was a kid: "Broken Shield".

It was about a young Massachusetts State Trooper named Ralph Lindsay. I read this outstanding novel by Ben Benson and I was so amazed at how accurately he captured the life of a young police officer. All the trials, tribulations and misadventures. Benson wrote so well, and so accurately, he saved me a lot of work. I'll have much more to say about him and his two main protagonists later. In the meantime check his books out. You can get them through Abebooks or Amazon.