Doing Battle With Conrad Black

For some bizarre reason I find my novel listed as the #1 bestseller in 20th Century Canadian History again today!

9/17/20232 min read

Competing With Conrad Black:

When I was a young university student, in 1982 ... fresh out of 3 years in the Canadian Armed Forces ... I had a roommate with a dynamic personality and a thirst for knowledge. His idol was Conrad Black, and though I had heard the name before, I confess I did not know much about him. According to my roommate though, he was a brilliant Canadian historian and a very, very wealthy and dynamic man in his own right.

Now, in the twilight of my years, I realize that Lord Black has been someone who people's opinions vary greatly on, but I admit I kind of admire his swagger. Also, my old roommate (big John Longhurst), did point me in the right direction on so many other things, that I'm inclined to give him a lot of credibility on academic issues. With that said, I confess that I have yet to read any of Conrad Black's books.

Like many new authors on Amazon, I suspect, I unabashedly check my Amazon page and ratings a little more regularly than needed, and to my shock learned that yesterday, "Death of a Millionaire," was the #1 bestseller in 20th Century Canadian History. I realize the algorithm is quirky and complex, but these are the facts, man! I have knocked Conrad Black's bestseller, "Forgotten History: Civil Rights in Canada" back into second place. I'm #1!!! Not just him but some Canadian greats, who I have read, like Tim Cook!

I'm a little ashamed and nervous about this for two reasons: ashamed because his book sounds rather meaningful and important, and mine is just a fictional (albeit brilliant) story. Nervous because nobody in their right mind wants to pick a fight with Conrad Black. I seem to have opened the door to that possibility though.

By way of update, this morning he had retaken the lead ... briefly ... but the last time I checked I was #1 again! Before this gets out of hand, I would like to make a proposal ... nay, a peace offering ... to Lord Black. If, perhaps, you are at home fuming, and asking who this young upstart is who dares to challenge, nay, unseat you I can inform you I'm just an average Canadian guy. My wife tells me that my new bestseller status has not affected my modesty one iota. So, if you buy my book, I will buy yours. As for the ranking, I think we are both above that (kind of like I am above your book for now). I hope we can become friends.