The Great Detective

An introduction to Canada's most famous Victorian detective.


David Lalonde

9/11/20231 min read

John Wilson Murray - "The Great Detective":

I thought I'd start my first blog off, (a practice round, in fairness), by introducing you to my professional hero: the late Detective Chief Inspector John Wilson Murray. Murray is considered to be the first provincial police officer in Ontario (there were a few who preceded him, but more on that later). His territory, during the late 1800s was the rural parts of the Province of Ontario and the legacy he created lives on in the Criminal Investigation Branch of the O.P.P.

For this first practice blog I am just going to suggest you start reading of Murray's exploits, which he details in "Memoirs of a Great Detective - Incidents in the Life of John Wilson Murray. I'm going to throw a link down below and highly recommend you start reading his exploits. The style of writing back then takes a little getting used to, so don't give up too soon. This guy was a very methodical, very professional detective and I believe that his investigative techniques were pioneering and continue to this day.